About the Museum

The Vision

NMWM Front Entrance - Daytime

The National Mounted Warfare Foundation is building a world-class museum in the heart of Texas next to Fort Hood to honor our mounted soldiers and to tell their untold story. The National Mounted Warrior Museum (NMWM) will represent the history of mounted soldiers - the ones that rode into battle on horseback, as well as the tankers and infantrymen, the artillerymen and aviators, the logisticians, engineers, military policemen, signal soldiers, and intelligence soldiers who fought alongside. This is the story of the mounted soldiers' combined team efforts, a force for freedom so many times in our nation's history.

NMWM Atrium - Gallery EntrancesProjected to open in 2022, Phase I of the Museum will be a 28,700 square foot structure including 13,000 square feet of interactive and immersive permanent exhibit galleries and over 7,000 square feet of temporary exhibit space. Phases II through VI are sequentially projected for construction once Phase I is underway.  

NMWM Atrium - ClassroomsThe U.S. Army is allowing the Foundation to build the NMWM on a 17 acre plot of land in the immediate vicinity of Fort Hood. This location is outside the security perimeter of the post to allow for easy access by both military and civilian visitors. Once the NMWM is complete, the two current museums on post (1st Cavalry Division and 3rd Cavalry Regiment) will close, and the Army will assume responsibility for operations, maintenance, utilities, and security of the NMWM and its grounds, and will transfer the curatorial staffs from the two current museums to the NMWM.


Museums are known for their use of artifacts and technologies, but at the core, they are really about telling stories – and using those artifacts and technologies to interpret the stories in a way that provides visitors with context and a deeper understanding of the stories. The NMWM will share a number of stories:


Areas of Emphasis


Economic Impact

Central Texas does not currently have a destination activity to draw people to the region; the NMWM will fill that void. Our Master Planner, Lord Cultural Resources, estimates that the museum will draw 265,000 visitors to the Central Texas region annually, 197,000 from outside the immediate Killeen-Temple MSA. These visitors will add a minimum of $5M in annual economic impact to the local communities.
We welcome you to "Step Into This Story" and become a part of something bigger than yourself.