Friends of the Museum

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Make the choice to help create a world-class museum that preserves the intricate history of mounted warfare in the United States Army. Become a member of the Friends of the Museum, an enthusiastic group of donors working together to see the Mounted Warrior Museum through to completion. This grou phas pledged their support in the form of providing a steady stream of financial donations and volunteer assistance to sustatin the National Mounted Warfare Foundation as they conduct the capital to campaign to build the museum.

Pledge Your Support

Become a member for as little as $10 a month or $120 a year.

Annual Membership Levels:

Friends - All Member who contribute at least $120 annually.
Stetson Society - $1,000 annually
Spur Society - $5,000 annualy
Saber Society - $10,000+ annually*
*Members who contribute $10,000 or more annually to the Friends of the Museum will be recognized as major donors.

Make the decision to become a Friends of the Museum member today!

Help Us Reach Our Goal

Step into the story. Become a partner and feel what it is like to be part of something bigger than yourself.